Vehicle Sanitisation

GardX Kleenair

Bactakleen Ultra Mist has been independently tested and proven to kill 99.95% of the human coronavirus COVID-19 ( See video linked below ). This is a great result and shows the continued credibility we are achieving with this product.

Bactakleen is a fast and efficient way to disinfect and sanitise the entire vehicle, not just hard surfaces such as the steering wheel and door handles. Due to the nano sized particles which are expelled from our machine, the Ultra Mist has the ability to penetrate into fabric with the added benefit of cleaning out the AC system. As we have learned from this pandemic airborne particles by way of droplets is how this virus spreads.

The treatment is non-toxic and has been tested by world recognised laboratories including SGS, Chemsil, TUV and is also FDA registered. Following application there will be no noticeable residue left on any surface such as the windows.

It is recommended this treatment is carried out every 3 months.

The Bactakleen Ultra-Mist offers an independently tested and proven system to clean the vehicle air conditioning system while also sanitising all surfaces within the cabin. Bactakleen is a 100% chemical free, non-toxic formulation which Is safe for all members of the family.

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